Well, you just can’t escape this guy. Even in German newspapers, the major topics are evolved around our beloved President Trump. I know the United States has a huge impact on the world but, I’m curious as to how big of an impact we have on Germany in particular. I find it really interesting the news reporters there report on how mucair-force-1h President Trump is spending on his travels compared to the previous president. If I saw in the USA Today as the headline “President of Germany, Joachim Gauck, as excessively spending money on his business trips,” I wouldn’t care to buy a copy of that paper. I’m sure that the majority of cultures in Germany could care less about Trump, but intrigues me that there are those cultures around the world that have all eyes on Trump. You can read all the comments on the article, and it’s almost as if you can taste the hate and discontent for Trumps Travel Ban. That seems to be the most popular topic.



I think it’s impossible to read this article and not be reminded of the film Megacities. The picture in the argerman-flagticle shows an urban area just crammed with buildings, overwhelming the habitat. It was interesting to read that Germany notices the issue of climate change, and contributes an effort towards solving the problem. Germany annually grows 40,000 people a year. In order to keep up with the growing population, they held a conference called “World Conference Habitat 3” to come up with solutions. One thousand people from seventy-four countries attended. I think the most important question that was asked at the conference was, “How can urban development take equal account of people and the environment?” If you can answer that question, well, you would solve a lot of issues in the world.




One of the many things I like about sports is that brings people together from all around the world. I particularly took a special interest in this article do to the Washington Capitals being my favorite sports team. Hockey has such an impact on the German culture, it is the third most favored sport. The German embassy here in the United States even held a German heritage night to support the capsGerman hockey players here in America. This included games and even prizes for the fans to take home. The goalie of the  Washington Capitals, born in Germany, Philipp Grubauer attended. It brought Germans and Americans together on a national level, improving relations between the two countries. I’m sure Walt Tkaczuk, one of the oldest German hockey players to play in the NHL, would have loved to see this German Heritage Night in the United States.          




What a surprise, President Trump has yet again found a way to squeeze his name into my blog. Not only does he have specific countries worried about him but a whole continent, Europe. The podcast actually brought up very good point. Of coutrump-elephantrse, every president wants to put America first. It’s just not good politics to say it. Leaders have visited President Trump to only have their own people disagree with the visit, and President Trump’s policies, especially the travel band. President Trump, which claims he doesn’t do politics, is feeling the effect of globalization. In a since globalization and politics go hand in hand. If the leaders of the world can’t communicate with President Trump without backlash from its own people, it will definitely effect trade agreements all around the world. A lot of people around the world are tired of hearing about President Trump and feel there are more important stories to cover, for instance, people starving to death in South Africa.

Just a quick link to who I think should have been president.  https://www.reddit.com/r/seinfeld/comments/3gbmun/seinfeld_s09e15the_wizard_the_3_kramer_for_condo/

Not only are immigrants leaving for Canada, they are going as far to say they rather be arrested in Canada than return to the United States. I don’t interpret that statement as them as saying the United States is so bad they don’t want to live here. They fear more of actually beincross-overg deported back to their home country under the Trump Presidency. On that Note I completely understand and if I were in their shoes, I would ensure my security by going to Canada to avoid deportation. It seems to be a lesser risk to cross over to Canada, rather than staying and risk going back to a country with drug lords, and risk having their children taken. Especially since the risk of being caught going into Canada is a lot less than America’s southern border. I enjoyed listening to what immigrants thought about our country and took the good with the bad. By that I mean they are telling us how we have a lot to improve on as a country. I give this podcast five out of five stars.





Infections. Not a big deal right? Recently a woman from Nevada lost her life to an infection that was treated by 26 different antibiotics. Her life was taken by what is known as the superbug.”

On average, superbugs make 2 million people sick, and 23,000 deaths a year. And this isn’t only third world countries were talking about. California doesn’t even know how many patients they have dying from superbugs in their hospitals. I don’t quite agree with the theory that doctors describe too many antibiotics. However, I do agree with the theory that we pump too many asuper-bugntibiotics into the animals that we farm for food. The average steak that you buy at your grocery store has only made there due to the cow being injected with antibiotics nearly his its whole life. I know it’s hard to imagine, but let’s say we gave the animals sanitary living conditions instead of the antibiotic route, then maybe our bodies will be affected by the antibiotics more.

Also, see the provided link if you need a recommendation on a doctor to choose in case you get the superbug. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2nDDyvMWK7Y

Now I’ll take you to Peru. A predominantly catholic country where even they are having sexuality issues. A congressman for the country made a statement suggesting he doesn’t know when the header sexual parade is? And he thought every day was header asexual day. The way I interpret his statement is that being header sexual should be celebrated and is expected of you as Peruvian. And findc_bike_map_lead_image_0ally, I bring you to America’s capital, Washington D.C. The most powerful country in the world, has everything you need, except bicycle lanes. Only recently(2010) has our nation’s capital installed bicycle lanes next to the seven lane street on America’s Boulevard. Since the seventeen years of existence of bike lanes in Washington DC, it has raised bike commute to work by 4%. I give this podcast five out five stars, I really enjoyed the superbug discussion. I see this being a huge predicament in the future.





Florida state has claimed second place behind first place Texas, in the number of executions it has carried out since The Supreme Court ruled in favor for the death penalty in 1976. Lucky for Michael Lambert’s, a Florida inmate on death row for killing two people, gets his execution postponed a week prior to his execution date. Lucky for him, unlucky for the victims family seeking justice. I personally believe in capital punishment. The reason being I want our judges in this country to have the tools necessary to ensure that the punishment will fit the crime. I can only imagine losing a loved one, having the murderer in custody, and being left with the feeling that he or she is getting away with murder knowing they experience the same as the victim. I also believe murder should be an automatic natural life sentence without the possibility of parole, preventing the offender from getting released and murdering again. The link below this paragraph reveals the overwhelming list of murders that were paroled then murdered again.   



Fun Fact: 103 countries don’t have the death penalty, and only 56 countries do. Also, only 17 years on average will be served for murder in England.

To no surprise, of course, President Donald Trump got his daily recognition in this podcast. However, all the attention wasn’t directly focused on him. A lot of this segment pertaining to our new presidency covered the growing of the left and the tea party. Not even a month into his presidency and I have a hunch the majority of Americans are tired of hearing about him. Overall great podcast. I found the portion covering Florida death penalty most interesting. I hope they follow up Michael Lambert’s case when Florida finally reinstates the death penalty. I give this podcast 4 ½ stars out of 5. Half a star was taken away for referring to the election as a “Pin Ball election victory.” Just sounds like a biased opinion to me.








Writers in America today aren’t having any trouble finding newsworthy stories to write. President Donald Trump’s first week in the white house has provided journalist all over the world with such a heap of material he has been on the front page daily. Reasons starting from a simple tweet to an executive order he signed in an attempt to keep his rather non-conventional campaign promises. His most popular,  in my esteemed opinion, is the recent executive order he signed known as the travel ban. A list of seven countries (Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Sudan)  that temporary ban any travel into the United States in order to revamp the vetting process. I personally was not directly affected by this executive order, however, the overwhelming number of protesters scattered across the world suggest a significant amount are directly affected on all levels. Lowest level would be the American Citizen that went to their local grocery store to buy food but couldn’t do to it being closed in protest. Highest level would obviously be the individuals that were not allowed to enter the United States. 


Above, Yemen native business owner, Musa closes the gate to his store protesting President Trump’s executive order banning seven predominantly Muslim countries.

Is President Trump’s ban on these countries unconstitutional? Many argue both sides. I’m sure it was a hard decision by Federal  Judge James L. Robart stop the President’s executive order. A decision of that magnitude involving national security surely is a stressful one to be made. If there was a positive to made out of this whole debacle, I would have to say that it is good to see that our government’s checks and balances work at its highest levels.

Overall it was a well-developed story to listen to. It did appear to be one sided as far interviews went. Below is a link to an individual that identifies as Muslim and supports parts of the travel ban. One part being that the travel ban should have been executed in a different manner. He felt that the people already in transit with proper visas should not have been affected by this executive order, which I agree with. I give this podcast 4 out of 5 stars, taking away a star for not getting one’s opinion that supports the ban.