Our Planet is so Breathtaking

Planet Day, one of the more important holidays in my humbled opinion. Actually, it wouldn’t be a bad idea if we had Planet Day at least once a month considering our current global warming situation. Germany contributes to our beloved planet on other occasions besides Earth Day. For Example, Germany’s developmenBreathtakingt ministry has taken action and played an important role in Plant-for-the-Planet, the day of the tree. Plant-for-the-Planet’s motto is “Stop talking start planting”, started by a nine year old as class project exploded into a worldwide project. Nine years of hard work paid off and they successfully planted nine million trees. Its estimated 3.5milllion to 7million trees are cut down every year. With that being said I think its safe to say Germany’s role of adding nine million trees to this planet over a nine year span has made a positive contribution towards the fight against global warming. The Black Forest located in southwest Germany definitely can appreciate the impact Fit-for-the-Planet is making.