1. The Motorcycle Diaries, by Walter Salles Jr, 2004
  2. The Brazilian native, 61-year-old Walter Salles Jr, is mostly known for directing The Motorcycle Diaries. He has directed a total of twenty-five films, produced eighteen, and wrote seven books.
  3. Based on a true story The Motorcycle Diaries is about two young men traveling across South America on a motorcycle named La Poderosa that at times seems to be barely operational and ends up breaking down on them in Chile. Fuser, one semester away from becoming a doctor, and his friend Alberto a biochemist, encounter challenges and experiences that will last a lifetime. “Our restlessness and impassioned spirits” showed Fusers determination to experience this once in a lifetime experience even though his acute asthma attacks seemed unmanageable at times. Along with their journey, they witnessed how lower class citizens were treated poorly and it was accepted amongst their society and considered normal. At one point they were twenty-five days behind schedule due to longer stays at places than expected. For example, their first stop was Argentina and they were only supposed to stay two days. Fuser falls in love with a local girl (Chachina) and ends up staying longer. I found it interesting Chachina provided Fuser with $15 to bring her back a swim suit, but he ends up giving it to a mining couple that needs it more even though Fuser needed to use it to pay for medical attention for himself.
  4. Written as a narrative story, Walter Salles leaves you with the feeling this movie could have just as easy been a documentary. His accuracy of the accepted division amongst the rich and poor enriched the authenticity of the film. After researching I still can’t determine if the locals were legitimate locals or paid actors.   
  5. Watching The Motorcycle Diaries, the ratio of strengths definitely outweighs the weakness. One aspect that makes the film authentic in my esteemed opinion is keeping its characters Spanish speaking with subtitles. Some movies are based in a Spanish country with Spanish-English speaking actors to make seem authentic but completely ruins the authenticity.
  6. I believe that Walter Salles’ purpose was to identify the gap that there is in this world between our rich/healthy and poor/sick. I also believe if there was a point that Salles was making through The Motorcycle Diaries that there is an unexcitable gap between our rich and unhealthy. This movie is just a small step in helping the world realize the huge problem we have in most countries around the world. which is adequate health care for the ones without being able to pay for it.    
  7. Walter Salles, The Motorcycle Diaries displayed how geography can have a direct physical effect amongst the healthy and sick which more times than often translates into wealthy and poor. I found it interesting the Amazon River in Peru separates The San Pablo Leper Colony from “nurses”. It seemed to be more of a division between healthy and sick. I loved how Fuser felt that he was a part of the San Pablo Leper Colony. His determination to swim across the thirty foot deep Nile River to spend his birthday night with the “sick/poor” really connected to the viewer that Fuser did not think of himself any different even though accepted amongst the healthy community. Since you know this film is based off a true story, leaves you to wonder if Fuser thought of himself as unhealthy due to his at times chronic asthma condition.