• I definitely have a better understanding of Islam and the Sunni/Shia divide. Prior to this class I never took the time out to get a better understanding of this culture. After taking this class I found myself having a much better understanding when reading news articles or watching the news covering this topic.
  • Obviously, I have learned a great deal in Germany, my pick for the country profile. I chose this country because I take a great interest in War World Two and thought this country would be easier for me to write about. Sure enough, I found so many other interesting topics to cover about Germany WWll barely made the cut. For some reason, POTUS Trump seemed to almost find his way into my articles. I wonder if his impact is that big around the world? Or I bought into all the media craze of covering Trump?
  • I considered taking the map quizzes a fun assignment. Not only was it fun but it also made you realize how little you actually know. I really enjoyed playing the online map quizzes, those helped out tremendously.
  • The EU (European Union) and NAFTA (North American Free Trade agreement) was interesting to learn about. A Lot of similarities between the two. I think what I enjoyed most about these two organizations is the concept of countries working together on a large scale helping to improve one another.
  • The Columbian Exchange was neat to learn about. I learned of all the different sorts of foods, animals, and diseases that were exchanged in Christopher Columbus’ voyage in 1492.
  • Guns Germs and Steel was an interesting documentary to watch. Europeans having the technological advance over so many cultures enable to conquer and settle pretty much anywhere they wanted.  
  • I took a special interest in the wearing of the veil. This class helped me better understand on who wears the veil, how, and when. For example, Hijab the veil reveals the face, Niqab only the eyes are revealed, Burka the full body is covered, and khimar covers the hair, neck, and shoulders. These are largely connected to religious beliefs. -Quran verse 24; 31 “say to the believing women that they should draw their covering over their bosoms.
  • I can definitely appreciate looking at multiple news sources. I use to mainly watch CNN only because it was the most convenient for me to watch. But conducting a lot of research work on the journal entries has led me to an abundance amount of news media outlets.