A notion of Progress is about two people having a discussion about the progress their country has made over the past decade. Issues are discussed and compared to neighboring countries and their conditions of the roads, and the lack thereof drainage systems not provided for the citizens. Naturally, technology was one of the factors that were compared in this discussion. They had the same debate that we are having here in the United States as to whether technology is affecting our education. Using the glass half full was a good analogy to use to help the reader get the character’s perception of how they view the world.  tech-image   

Learning about the cultural geography in Morocco in A Notion of Progress seemed pretty similar to the United States. The similarities are almost identical to the US, at one point they reference a decade prior no one had a computer and now internet cafes are opening faster than you can count them. They even talk about long lines at the post office and how unorganized it was. We experience those same kinds of inconveniences here in the United States but, even to the extent where an individual gets unpatient and starts using profanity. We have all seen that one person having a bad day.