A Paying Guest is a short story that describes how a Moroccan was sent to London to work for the Moroccan Office for Commerce. Prior to arriving in London she already has this impression of Europeans not having the same appreciation for certain qualities in life as Moroccans. After arriving she was met by what seemed to be the nice woman that allowed her to stay in her guest only to charge her at the end of her stay. After bringing it up several times that she let her stay in her house as a guest, the guest let it be bedknown she was a paying guest. After that, there was no more mention of her being anyone’s guest.

I think this tells you a lot about the Moroccan culture because she was under the impression that she would not have to pay. Being from the Moroccan culture her naturally assumed the guest room was a show of hospitality. She did not expect to give anything in return. I believe this would be the major difference in the American culture and Moroccan culture. The majority of Americans are raised believing that nothing in life is free, and if you are offered a favor assume that the person offering is expecting something in return. Her being from the Moroccan culture was naive to the fact that she was being charged for her stay the entire time.