Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations was fun to watch considering I have watched a few of his programs prior to this assignment on my own free will. I am pretty sure the majority of the class has run across one of his episodes at some point in time seeing as how he’s aired 152 episodes and been doing it since 2005. Out of all nine seasons, I chose No Reservations (Rio) in honor of them successfully hosting the 2016 Olympics. Anthony Bourdain immediately makes you feel guilty for sitting on the living room couch watching his show from his first scene. All you see is the beautiful Rio culture being displayed at the beach filled with the happy carefree living lifestyle they have built together as a community. He flaunts a roasted pork sandwich that was freshly made by a local and explains how flavoring and moist the sandwich is then going on to even say the taste of the sandwich is burned into his mind and he will never forget it. At this point, you’re hungry and have to pause the show to make something to eat to compensate for what you just saw. I will say an off the wall food I saw him eat was chicken feet, I don’t think I could bring myself to eat chicken

A rather interesting part of the episode is when Bourdain took you to what the locals considered the poor part of Rio. At one point what the local referred to as the ghetto was run by gangsters and drug lords. After the locals protested to have their community be recognized by the government, the government invested 1.7 billion dollars for the rehabilitation of the ghetto. That provided clean water, sanitation supplies, electricity and most importantly law enforcement to provide safety and maintain the peace. After seeing the episode Rio is definitely somewhere that I would consider visiting in the near future.