Moscow sees foreign-alien motive when attacking FSB

Living in Germany its only natural too keep a close eye on what your neighboring super power country(Russia) is up too. Germany’s Badische Zeitung reports of the terrorists attacks occurring in Russia due to the direct impact it could cause on Germany. Here they report on a terrorist attack of a man shooting and killing two people, one Federalnaya Sluzhba Bezopasnosti employee and one ciPutinvilian. At first this terrorist act was believed to be carried out by an Islamic State, but an investigation revealed the responsible party for this heinous terrorist attack was one man with neo-Nazi ideologies. He belonged to a small group that was not in support of illegal migration. Germany, like any other country deals with its own terrorist attacks. Late July 2016 a man killed a pregnant woman with a machete, and injured two others. However, with that being said after the United States, Germany is the most popular migration haven. This news article keeps the German citizens and migrants informed of the potential terrorist acts that would directly effect them in their homeland of Germany.



The Federal Republic of Germany, most commonly known as just Germany, is tucked away in the center, northern part of Europe and directly south of the Baltic Sea. Germany gets its name from the Latin word “Germania” meaning “of the people.” Germanys 2,307-mile border surrounds a population of 80,219,695 according to the census conducted in May of 2011. If you ever plan on visiting Germany I would suggest making traveling arrangemaquadom-radisson-hotel-aquariuments during the summer months. Reason being the winter months in Germany are known to have a consistent overcast for several months with little to no sunshine. Despite the prolonged overcast Germany has a lot to offer the world. It has one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world, and oldest cathedral in northern Europe, the Aachen Cathedral. Located in  Aachen, Germany it has been standing since 796 AD. A highly recommended hotel to stay in during your stay at Germany is the Radisson Blu Hotel In Berlin. When you lay your eyes upon the 82 foot tall, 260,000-gallon salt-water aquarium, you might not ever want to leave. It holds 50 different species and three scuba divers dive in every day for maintenance and feeding of the fish.

Germany’s capital, Berlin, is famous worldwide for a long list of reasons. The most popular reason, in my esteemed in opinion, is the Berlin wall. Post War World ll, the Soviet Union took control of East Germany which was known as the German Democratic Republic, and United States, Great Britain, and France took control of west Germany. At the time Berlin was located in the Soviet Union’s territorberlin-wally(German Democratic Republic) however, the four countries still divided the capital into the same scale proportions as they divided the entire country.  Many Germans in Eastern Germany did not agree with the standard of living under the Soviet Union and fled to western Berlin by the thousands. This was causing damage economically to eastern Germany, and in the result, the Berlin wall was built to stop traffic flow in and out of western Berlin. It was built in 1961 and demolition began in 1989.

In Germany, German is the most common language with approximately 95% of its population speaking German, and English is normally taught as the second language.  The least spoken language is North Frisian, with only 0.01%(10,000) of its population speaking the language. As for ethnic composition, Germany is made up of approximately 88% Germans, and its highest minority group being Turkish making up 3% of the population. Before 1950 Germany was made up of almost all Germans besides Jews, which were almost eliminated by Adolf Hitler. Today, there is approximately 250,000 Jews still living in Germany.

Germany’s most popular sport by default is soccer, or most commonly known across Europe as Fussball. Over the course of a decade Germany invested approximately $1billion in youth football teams. Germany also invested $1.84 billion in newly renovated stadiums bringing in 13.8 million spectators. When it comes to sports in Germany, Franz Beckenbauer is the considered to be the most influential person. He is a faolaf_kolzig_2007mous football player that is the only one in German history to win the world cup as both as a player and manager. Oddly enough golf is ranked as the second most popular sport in America mostly being played by the upper class due to the hig cost to use the course. Bernard Langer definitely sets the bar high when it comes to most popular golfer in Germany. He’s a international championship winner, $25,ooo,ooo net worth, media hogging, chunk of pure German awesomeness. I’m not exactly sure how hockey comes in third after golf but according to The Ultimate Guide it is. Olaf Kölzig, a German NHL goaltender, coincidently played for my favorite hockey team, the Washington Capitals for fifteen seasons. He made six playoff appearances failing each time to bring home the Lord Stanley Cup. Currently the goaltender for the Washington Capitals is German native Phillip Grubauer.

Germany, being the third largest exporter in the world, trades with countries all over the world. The only two countries that export more than Germany is to no surprise China being number one and United States second. Germany’s top four trade partners are United States, France, China, and Netherlands. As an exporter, Germany’s “bread and butter” is high-tech industrialized equipment and ships. Most the credit goes to a privately owned business in Germany called Beckhoff for its booming exporting economy and its AAA credit rating. Beckhoff desiexportsgns open automation systems for PC controlled technology. It sold $608 million dollars worth of its product in 2016 and exported more than half of its output.Germany’s political system may seem confusing at first, but after reviewing their system it’s actually pretty similar to the United States. Separated by three branches Germany’s political system is made up of the Legislative, Judicial, and Executive branch. Similar to The United States, it is separated into three branches for separation of powers, plus checks and balances. The major difference in the German political system is the relationship between the President and Chancellor. In the United Stgerman-politaical-systemates, the vice president has two main duties. First, to act as a tiebreaker if the Senate becomes deadlocked, and to oversee the electoral college voting system. In Germany Chancellor is much more involved actually being head of the government while the president plays more of a representative and ceremonial role. The president nominates the Chancellor and only becomes Chancellor after being voted in by Germany’s government. The president also has the power to dismiss the Chancellor from his or her duties. President of Germany, Joachim Gauck, was elected March 18, 2012, and will hand over The Federal Republic of Germany to Frank-Walter Steinmeier on March 19, 2017. Surprisingly, there is no limit as to how long the Chancellor of Germany can serve. Helmut Kohl served as Chancellor for over 16 years in the 80’s and 90’s, while currently the Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, is going on her tenth year in office.

Germany definitely makes its education system appealing to its citizens and foreign students with its tuition-free price tag. In 2005 all of Germany’s public undergraduate schools got rid of all their tuition fees. Only charging a small administrative fee of approximately $150. Understandably, the privately owned Universities aren’t able to follow suit with the German government why-germanys-free-college-education-is-actually-not-that-great.jpgdue to them being dependent on the tuition fees to cover expenses. Reading comments in the article revealed the people to be excited and eager to take advantage of Germany’s education system. I found it interesting 44% of Germans are for colleges charging tuition fees and 46% likes the education system as it is now. Some predictable reasons why a lot of Germans are for tuition cost is due to high taxes and the overcrowding universities due to no tuition. Speaking from an American point of view I would be in favor of America adopting a similar education system as Germany.  I believe Germany has really set an example for America and we can definitely learn from this.

One of the most familiar German product the average American citizen can connect to Germany is the Volkswagon Beetle. It hit the German market in 1938 with Volkswagon making 630 Beetles. Hitler ended up with these vehicles in order to support his military operation during War World Two. All the way up to 2004 the Beetle’s engine was located in the rear trunk. Its abnormality to have the engine in the rear of the vehicle is due to making the vehicle itself cheaper, and not needing drive shafts and the cooling system able to cool the engine faster. The 50 horse power engine can push the vehicle to a maximum speed of 81 mph. I personally have ridden in a modern day Volkswagen, Beetle and it is quite an experience. On the das-Volkswagen-Beetle_art.jpgh of every Volkswagen, Beetle there is a small vase the size of your index finger to place a small flower. Personally one of my favorite child hood memories is riding in my Uncles vehicle and seeing the flower of his choice, playing Don’t Worry Be Happy by Bobby McFerrin. If your interested in experiencing the German culture and purchasing a Beetle you can get one fully loaded, convertible for approximately $23,000. Another popular Volkswagen made vehicle to make in influence on the American people is the Volkswagen, Transporter. It’s a small bus made by Volkswagen that was mainly popular in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s amongst the younger generation.

Despite Germany contributing so much to the world today such as fuss ball, all the way to free education it’s almost impossible to ignore Germany’s dark role in World War ll under the control of Adolf Hitler. Hitler invaded Poland which turned into a worldwide war which seems to have an everlasting effect on the whole world. Hitler enforced a foreign policy whose main objective was to eliminate all jews and unify all German speaking people. It is estimated a total of 5,933,900 Jews died during War World 2 eliminating 67% of their population during Hitler’s attempt to annihilate all Jewish people. After Germany attempted to invade nearly the entire world, Hitler buckled under the pressures of defeat and committed suicide on April 40, 1945. Shortly after on May 7, 1945, Germany surrenders unconditionally. A positive point of view I take from the war ending are the countries that took Hitler’s wrong doings and used them to better their homeland and ultimately the world. An example would be the United Nations, a group of countries from across the world working together on world peace. There are seven Holocaust Museums in Germany and a total of fifty-seven holocaust museums and memorials in the United States.

Footnote: For the record there has been an attempt to influence the German people with Seinfeld. It failed.


Well, you just can’t escape this guy. Even in German newspapers, the major topics are evolved around our beloved President Trump. I know the United States has a huge impact on the world but, I’m curious as to how big of an impact we have on Germany in particular. I find it really interesting the news reporters there report on how mucair-force-1h President Trump is spending on his travels compared to the previous president. If I saw in the USA Today as the headline “President of Germany, Joachim Gauck, as excessively spending money on his business trips,” I wouldn’t care to buy a copy of that paper. I’m sure that the majority of cultures in Germany could care less about Trump, but intrigues me that there are those cultures around the world that have all eyes on Trump. You can read all the comments on the article, and it’s almost as if you can taste the hate and discontent for Trumps Travel Ban. That seems to be the most popular topic.


I think it’s impossible to read this article and not be reminded of the film Megacities. The picture in the argerman-flagticle shows an urban area just crammed with buildings, overwhelming the habitat. It was interesting to read that Germany notices the issue of climate change, and contributes an effort towards solving the problem. Germany annually grows 40,000 people a year. In order to keep up with the growing population, they held a conference called “World Conference Habitat 3” to come up with solutions. One thousand people from seventy-four countries attended. I think the most important question that was asked at the conference was, “How can urban development take equal account of people and the environment?” If you can answer that question, well, you would solve a lot of issues in the world.



One of the many things I like about sports is that brings people together from all around the world. I particularly took a special interest in this article do to the Washington Capitals being my favorite sports team. Hockey has such an impact on the German culture, it is the third most favored sport. The German embassy here in the United States even held a German heritage night to support the capsGerman hockey players here in America. This included games and even prizes for the fans to take home. The goalie of the  Washington Capitals, born in Germany, Philipp Grubauer attended. It brought Germans and Americans together on a national level, improving relations between the two countries. I’m sure Walt Tkaczuk, one of the oldest German hockey players to play in the NHL, would have loved to see this German Heritage Night in the United States.          



What a surprise, President Trump has yet again found a way to squeeze his name into my blog. Not only does he have specific countries worried about him but a whole continent, Europe. The podcast actually brought up very good point. Of coutrump-elephantrse, every president wants to put America first. It’s just not good politics to say it. Leaders have visited President Trump to only have their own people disagree with the visit, and President Trump’s policies, especially the travel band. President Trump, which claims he doesn’t do politics, is feeling the effect of globalization. In a since globalization and politics go hand in hand. If the leaders of the world can’t communicate with President Trump without backlash from its own people, it will definitely effect trade agreements all around the world. A lot of people around the world are tired of hearing about President Trump and feel there are more important stories to cover, for instance, people starving to death in South Africa.

Just a quick link to who I think should have been president.

Not only are immigrants leaving for Canada, they are going as far to say they rather be arrested in Canada than return to the United States. I don’t interpret that statement as them as saying the United States is so bad they don’t want to live here. They fear more of actually beincross-overg deported back to their home country under the Trump Presidency. On that Note I completely understand and if I were in their shoes, I would ensure my security by going to Canada to avoid deportation. It seems to be a lesser risk to cross over to Canada, rather than staying and risk going back to a country with drug lords, and risk having their children taken. Especially since the risk of being caught going into Canada is a lot less than America’s southern border. I enjoyed listening to what immigrants thought about our country and took the good with the bad. By that I mean they are telling us how we have a lot to improve on as a country. I give this podcast five out of five stars.



Infections. Not a big deal right? Recently a woman from Nevada lost her life to an infection that was treated by 26 different antibiotics. Her life was taken by what is known as the superbug.”

On average, superbugs make 2 million people sick, and 23,000 deaths a year. And this isn’t only third world countries were talking about. California doesn’t even know how many patients they have dying from superbugs in their hospitals. I don’t quite agree with the theory that doctors describe too many antibiotics. However, I do agree with the theory that we pump too many asuper-bugntibiotics into the animals that we farm for food. The average steak that you buy at your grocery store has only made there due to the cow being injected with antibiotics nearly his its whole life. I know it’s hard to imagine, but let’s say we gave the animals sanitary living conditions instead of the antibiotic route, then maybe our bodies will be affected by the antibiotics more.

Also, see the provided link if you need a recommendation on a doctor to choose in case you get the superbug.

Now I’ll take you to Peru. A predominantly catholic country where even they are having sexuality issues. A congressman for the country made a statement suggesting he doesn’t know when the header sexual parade is? And he thought every day was header asexual day. The way I interpret his statement is that being header sexual should be celebrated and is expected of you as Peruvian. And findc_bike_map_lead_image_0ally, I bring you to America’s capital, Washington D.C. The most powerful country in the world, has everything you need, except bicycle lanes. Only recently(2010) has our nation’s capital installed bicycle lanes next to the seven lane street on America’s Boulevard. Since the seventeen years of existence of bike lanes in Washington DC, it has raised bike commute to work by 4%. I give this podcast five out five stars, I really enjoyed the superbug discussion. I see this being a huge predicament in the future.